School kids are in contact, although at a safe distance, with several of the same cohorts. They will likely be breathing through the face masks for several hours, although not at a stretch. In addition, they will possibly touch their face mask often to remove it and put it back. They go through different areas of the day at school, like lunch, recesses, and outside teaching. You can contact folded mask kn95 supplier for foldable kids’ face masks with their covers.

Parents must wash face masks at the end of the day. You keep those face masks aside safely to clean as soon as possible. You can think of the face mask the same way you would underwear: wash after wearing it for a day.

However, if kids are using a disposable face mask, this mask should be appropriately disposed of after usage at the end of the school day.

Both cloth and disposable face masks help prevent respiratory droplets from escaping. But for schools, the best option is KN95 or N95 as school gathering has crowd, various people from different places.

When it comes to a cloth face mask, you have to put your face mask in a resealable carrier at the end of the school day. If you do not have a bag, you can cover it in tissue paper and wash it when you reach home. Fo the safe side, child health experts recommend that you equip your child with two bags. One is to use for carrying a clean face mask, and another is to keep dirty one.

How often can you wash your cloth face mask?

Wash and sanitize your face mask. For cloth face masks, the frequency of washing depends on the use of the face mask. If you wear the face mask where you have to do close interactions with others for long hours, wash it properly.

Washing detergent will destroy the virus particles. You can think of disease particles like oil stains on your garments. A detergent’s result on oil stains is similar to its effect on the germ particles: it will break the virus particles apart and reduce them non-infectious. It is safe to wash your cloth face masks with other clothes.

To add extra assurance, you can dry face masks in the dryer together with other colorful clothes. Research has exposed that heat (60-95C) destroys the virus particles. Make sure by folded mask kn95 supplier that the fabric of your face masks can sustain the dryer’s heat.

A stack of colorful cloth masks

You can wash face masks very effectively by hand using soap and hot water. Allow them to air dry in a hygienic place, and iron them when they are dry to deliver a similar effect to the dryer.

If you use a face mask for only an hour or two, handle it carefully, and you cannot touch or remove it. You can reuse it for the second day if you have stored it in a clean cloth bag. It is a better option for high school students than younger kids.

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