Before moving forward, you can read about cleaning your cloth face mask. Just buying a new face mask from the china folded face mask supplier is not the solution. You must know how to clean it.

How do you clean your homemade cloth mask?

You can clean homemade cloth masks properly before you use them. To wash, launder face masks in hot water (160°F) using soap or cleaner that leaves no rest. You must rinse well with fresh water and hang it to dry. You may also disinfect your masks by soaking them for 5 minutes in a mixture of 2 tablespoons of bleach in ¼ water or bleach per gallon of water.

The essential element is fabric

This foldable face mask has two layers—the inner layer touching the face and the outer layer. The two fabric layers are of the same fabric or different fabrics. Moreover, you can use 100% cotton or a cotton blend for the best filtration and breathability. It takes two pieces of cloth about 14.5 in. x 7.5 in. to make one adult mask. There are three standard sizes: Large, Medium, and Small.

How to select a breathable face mask?

Picking a lightweight face mask depends on some key factors when going to the china folded face mask supplier. Here is what to do when considering your subsequent covering.

Consider when you can wear it.

Think around what you plan on doing while you are wearing a face mask. Exercising and working during a selling job might require two different options. Your face mask must keep you both dry and comfortable the entire time. While cotton is usually a great option, it is thick, thus making it difficult to breathe in while exercising or in warm weather. Moisture-wicking fabrics, like ones used in sportswear, for exercise or scorching weather because they dry fast when exposed to liquids like sweat. Per the CDC, you can replace moist masks ASAP.

Perform the light test.

In this COVID-19 reality, you can find every imaginable fabric face mask, top quality, and patient safety officer. To tell the harmless from the ineffective, you can perform a simple light test. If you can see daylight between yarns, the weave is too loose, and multiple layers are necessary. The CDC also cautions against masks with filters or vents, allowing respiratory droplets to leave and enter your face mask.

Make sure it fits properly.

You can wear any mask that covers your mouth and nose fits. The importance of fit is not excessive—it allows your face mask to do its job. You do not have to touch it often, and a multi-layered or strongly woven material will do the job. Also, consider its straps; they are great who plan to slip their masks on and off around your ear. However, tie-back ones are ideal for shift workers who wear their face masks for hours at a time.


In conclusion, any breathable face mask that tracks CDC guidelines helps protect both you and others from COVID-19.

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