KN95 – A Reusable & Dust Proof Mask

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We all use a mask to get rid of various diseases; it has become the only protective way from outside dust and sand. Recently a new panic is a coronavirus, as declared by World Health Organization, anyone can be infected with coronavirus if they get in contact with, or touch an already infected person. A single droplet via sneeze or cough is enough to catch a person standing closer to get infected with this harmful disease

The question comes, if coronavirus is that dangerous, and currently the death toll has reached to peak all around the globe, then which type of particular facial mask we must wear for ultimate protection? The answer is, folded mask Kn95 with a breathing valve.

Reason? There is not one, or two, but plenty of reasons to consider Kn95 protection in this current rise of a pandemic. Most importantly, Kn95 is made with an international standard for better protection, comfort, and a long-lasting period.

At the point when we utilize the expression “global Manufacturing standard” for Kn95 covers, this demonstrates this face veil has been completely analyzed and tried to be profoundly powerful in hindering particles with a more noteworthy middle breadth of greater size, or even around 0.3 microns.

Whenever worn effectively, at that point KN95 veils can effectively ensure against PM, PM2.5, and more modest particles. Additionally, it has more noteworthy bacterial filtration productivity.

Let’s take a quick look at following reasons to wear Kn95 foldable mask.

It has block-free breathing layer by layer

It’s a new type of industrial dust proof folding respirator that filters particles up to 95%, and reduced peculiar smell. The smell of benzene, volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and other mixtures released from decoration materials will cause great harm to the human body.

This face mask also filters dust and particles

We see dust doesn’t hurt people, but dust with particle size less than 10pm will directly enter the lungs of the human body causing a variety of diseases

Dust & Haze Prevention

The filtration efficiency of this face mask is greater than 95%. The main perk of embracing KN95 protection is, it enables a cold flow breathing valve, it is comfortable and breathable, along with an adjustable nose bridge. You can adjust the fit with the face to improve the protection effect.

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