N95 with Exhalation Valve – Is it Useful In Protecting Against Virus?

The N95 foldable mask respirators come in plenty of types from various brands. Each comes with an exhalation valve, and how it functions, that’s what makes this masks highly demanding in the market especially concerning increasing COVID 19

In light of this highlighting feature of these incredible respirators, this post aims to discuss the function of exhalation valves in n95 foldable mask, how it works, and how it’s protective without filters.

N95 with Breathing Valve – How Does it Work?

One of the key features of this n95 face mask is, whether they have an exhalation valve or not, the use of exhalation valves with n95s can expose the people around you to a virus if you’re an asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carrier, and it’s not recommended for use in a sterile field

The exhalation valves on n95 respirators mainly consist of three parts; the cover, seat, and membrane. The exhalation valve does not have a filter within, and the edges of the membrane are made with flexible material which opens and closes depending on the direction of airflow

When the user exhales, the membrane opens outward creating a gap in between the membrane, and the seat for moist air to escape freely in the open state. Aerosol particles safely travel around the membrane, and as you inhale, the membrane stays in its flat closed state which adheres to the seat firmly in the closed state

The membrane blocks the incoming air, and airborne particles, then the user breath filtered air through dense mesh work of fibers which composes respirator. An n96 with an exhalation valve achieves personal protection, but not source control protection. This means that it provides the same level of protection to the wearer as one that doesn’t have a valve

Since the exhalation valve enables unfiltered exhaled air to escape, it puts people around people, it can put you at risk in case you’re asymptomatic

What is an Exhalation Valve if it’s not Optimal for Seeing Patients?

Exhalation valves on respirators were invested for industrial use. An exhalation valve keeps the face cooler and reduces moisture buildup inside the face-piece.

While industrial workers work a long shift, they’re required to wear a mask for social distancing when they; aren’t caring for patients. For this reason, industrial workers have a high bar of clientele with foldable mask n95 suppliers


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