Folded Mask KN95


Everything you need to know about mask protection!

Hangzhou Daoqin Medical, the foldable mask n95 supplier, value our customers and want the best for them in this pandemic. We offer a Folded KN95/N95 Mask, n95 foldable mask, and Folded KN95 Mask with Breathing Valve protective face masks. We know this protective wear shortage, but our company is proving the best quality and affordable prices.

As the lock-down in different regions is finished and eased, we need to get back to work, school, and diverse workplaces, but are we saving now? Unfortunately, the spread has not been stopped, but we can reduce the spread rate by taking all the measures precautions. So, wear an n95 foldable mask and other disposable masks for protection.

Why use a Protective Face Mask?

Folded KN95/N95 Mask, n95 foldable mask, and n95 with breathing valve protect against liquid transmitted diseases, airborne. These masks are tested and composed by following all the standard guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They are accommodating and protective in this outbreak to prevent Coronavirus, SARS, and Avian Flu.

Moreover, these mask covers our half nose and mouth and have elastic loops that can be supported by ears. They can be carried easily anywhere and are lightweight. So, they are very comfortable to wear and are beneficial for this pandemic.

Properties of n95 foldable mask

Folded KN95/N95 Mask is an easy way to protect yourself if you are directly contacting the virus. They are non-bulky, lightweight, comfortable, and ensure protection and safety. Also, they have a perfect fitting and allow more range of movement. They are reused and ideal for daily use in these situations. Further, you can wear them anywhere home, school, hospitals, public places, offices, and traveling.

Benefits of using the Folded KN95/N95 Mask

  • These masks are used two to three-time or a maximum of six to eight hours for the best effective results.
  • ​It has a filtration efficiency ≥ of 95%, Flat folding, and a five-layer design.
  • The five layers make it more protective, and the fabric protects against airborne allergens, pathogens, and pollen greater than 0.3 microns in size.
  • It has high protection for respiratory health, and the filtration system has an equal to or greater efficiency than 95%.
  • These masks are disposable, easy to store, and convenient for travel, which leads to better hygiene and reduced contact with infections.

How to use Face Masks?

  • It would help if you washed your hands before touching the mask; after that, unfold it.
  • Hold the mask with your palm and hang straps freely on either side below your hands.
  • Place the mask on the face and also under your chin.
  • pull the elastic band behind the ears and untwist the straps, positioning it low on your nose
  • Check your mask is fitted correctly, and make sure no open area is left.

Additional Protection Methods

We are the leading china white face masks manufacturer, and we promise to provide you the best quality standard mask as all life matters! Follow these recommendations for effective results and for protecting yourself from the coronavirus and germs.

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer and an alcohol-based cleanser.
  • While sneezing and coughing, cover your mouth and nose.
  • Dispose of used masks and used tissue in a covered bin.
  • Maintain distance from others and take all the mergers SOPs.

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