The manufacturers hang the non-woven materials on the sheeter rack, and the machine can produce it automatically after debugging. The face mask sheet will come out, and then the engine transfers the mask sheet to the ear band machine for elastic spot belting. After production, the manufacturers sterilized them with ethylene oxide and left them for seven days to volatilize before sending them to the Disposable Flat Mask supplier. The specific procedure is as follows:

1) Combine layers of non-woven fabric

The manufacturers placed three different non-woven fabrics on the fixed support on the manufacturing line and neatly fixed them together by the laminator. There is a trumpet-shaped nourishing port, and it passes a string of wires continuously through the trumpet to the lamination machine.

2) Sew the metal wire fixed by the nose clip

From the suggestions for wearing face masks correctly, you may know that the nose clip must be pinched to the nose bridge when you wear it so that wearing the face mask is firm. Otherwise, without this mask structure, your nose leak is more serious, the seal is not tight, affecting the protection effect.

3) Folding face mask

Adult face masks have uniform size specifications. How does it confirm that different people have the right size necessities to ensure that the nose, mouth, and chin can wrap to the greatest extent? It is due to the mask design below:

On the face mask production line, there is a folding device to achieve this purpose. Next, to create a crease and better handling in subsequent processes, it wants to be flattened by a roller machine.

4) Strengthen the edges of the face mask

The step wants additional non-woven fabric to press-fit the edges of the face mask.

At this stage, the additional non-woven fabric connects the single face mask bodies that the machine cut in the previous location, so you need to separate them again. After getting a single face mask body with a reinforced edge, the next step comes.

5) Fix ear rope to the four corners of the face mask with the thermoforming device

The hanging ear rope is in a relatively tight state for an extended period as wearing a face mask. It is necessary to use glues at the four corners of the face mask to strengthen the tie strength of the rope and the face mask. You can hang the ear rope and fix the ear rope to the face mask with an adhesive under the specific heat pressing device.

6) Disinfection

Throughout the entire production process of the face mask, the machine’s processing contact, and the connection of several unnatural links, bacteria inevitably contaminate the face mask. If it is an ordinary face mask, you do not need to sterilize it. But the medical treatment necessitates the manufacturer to use a ring. You have to use an Oxygen ethane (EO) sterilizer before delivering to the Disposable Flat Mask supplier. Therefore, it wants to stand for seven days for analysis after disinfection.

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